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The Ultimate Tool for finding Places of Interest

Do you want to find the closest Gas Station or a Restaurant to dine tonight? With "Places Around", finding any place around you, is only a tap. Restaurants to Hospitals, Gas Station to ATMs,  Movie Theatres to  Shopping Centers, and many more.

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Category Search 

One tap access to over 40 pre-defined categories such as ATMs, Gas Stations, Restaurants etc.

General Search 

Can search for any place in the surrounding area by providing the place name or a keyword. eg Paramount Hotel, Japanese Restaurants, Florists etc.

Voice Search 

Search for places by just 'saying' what needs to be found. eg. Chinese Restaurants, Pharmacies,Pizza etc

Fast and Reliable

Places Around is fast and reliable.Current location is instantly detected and real time distance to places as well as the direction of places are displayed.Places Around connects to a wide range of services and provides reliable information.

User Friendly

Places are displayed in user friendly map views (hybrid,standard and satelite) and list views.

Comprehensive Information

Places Around is intergrated with a wide range of services such as Yelp, Google, Foursquare, and Groupon and provides an extensive amount of information about places. These include contact details, open hours, restaurant menu, phots and reviews.


Restaurant Deals around an area can be viewed and deals can be bought within the app it self

Restaurant and Hotel Reservations

Restaurant and Hotel Reservations can be made within the app it self.

Directions to Places

Place Around is integrated with Google Maps App and Apple Maps App to provide directions


Favorite Places can be saved for easy access

Information Sharing

Place details can be shared by Email, SMS ,Twitter and Facebook

Feature to change search area

The search area can be changed to a location of choice. By changing the search area it is possible to search for places in a distant location without being there (ex. Search for Restaurants in London from Boston in USA).

iOS 8 Today Widget

With the Places Around Today Widget, ATMs, Gas Stations,Restaurants and Meal Takeaway in the surrounding area can be found even without opening the app

Street View/ Inside View of Places

With the Street View/Inside View feature users can take a virtual tour and see how a place looks like before visiting it.


X Screen
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Apple Watch App

Places Around Watch App allows users to easily find places and services around them. The App contains a list of commonly used services such as Restaurants, ATMs,Gas Stations,Parking etc. Users can select a pre-defined service or just speak to the app to find what they need (e.g.. Mc Donalds, Pharmacies, Japanese Restaurants etc). The real time distance to the places as well as information such as open hours and contact details are provided instantly. Places can also be viewed on a map and the apple maps app can be used to find directions.



What Our Users Say

  • "Great App"
    I was in the middle of nowhere in northern Ontario on my way camping with the wife and
    it found everything I needed to stop for along the way since
    I was too lazy to figure it out for myself. Very handy

    -Cornylious (Canada)
  • "Great App"
    "I've used this in several different cities and it has always found what we were looking for."

    -E10zo (United States)
  • "Great n effective app"
    "This app is one of the most accurate, reliable and productive apps in the store.
    It is not only a time saver but also a life saver!"

    -Bastee80 (United Kingdom)
  • "Fantastic"
    "No matter where we travel....we search and find what we are looking for instantly.
    Before a trip we will sometimes check out the hotels, restaurants.....etc. from this app.
    Poof, instant itinerary. BEST EVER!"

    -wanab30 (United States)
  • ""Really useful when on the road!"
    "We travel several months a year in a motorhome and this App is really useful when you don't know the area. We use it a lot."

    -AZ shopper
  • This app rocks! has been so useful each time I've needed it AND it has been spot on!"

    - Stuart Watson (Australia)

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