Text Extractor & Translator

Extracts, Translates & Reads Text from Printed Material

Do you want to read a restaurant menu, a manual or a road side billboard written in a foreign language?
With "Text Extractor & Translator", you can instantly extract, translate and listen to any text by holding the app at any printed material!Get Text Extractor & Translator
We also have an ad free "Pro Version" with more features.
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Auto capture & Auto Crop

Direct the camera at any printed material such as books, magazines or ads and the app will automatically detect the edges of the document and instantly capture them. With auto crop the documents are automatically cropped with perspective correction.

Instantly Extracts Text

The App extracts text in over 20 languages .

Reads out Text

Instantly reads out extracted text.

Translates to 90+ Languages

Extracted text can be translated to over 90 languages

Reads out translations

Translations can be read out.

Sharing Options

Extracted text ,translated text and also captured images can be shared via email, messages and social media.


Pro Version Features

Keeps track of History

All extracted text is automatically saved in history and there are no limitations on saving history

No Daily Limits and Ads

There is no restriction on the number of translations and no advertisements are displayed.


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We’ve put together some screenshots and logos to help you out, if you’d like to write an article or blog post about 'Text Extractor & Translator' , Click to download the Press Kit.


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